Friday, July 25, 2014

Rising Home Prices Restoring Equity

Over the last two years, the housing market has recovered significantly, and with the recovery, home prices have skyrocketed. For millions of homeowners, the rising home prices mean an end to mortgage troubles that started at the beginning of the housing crisis. Homeowners who were “underwater” on their mortgage are finding they aren’t any longer. Millions of others have regained equity in their homes for the first time since the crisis hit. If, like so many others, the housing crisis left you struggling, your situation may have changed. I have a report that explains how the rising home prices are helping homeowners and what it means for you. You can download the report from my website . After reading the report, contact me today for more information on our market and to explore the options available to you! Sincerely, Peg Maloney Remax Real Estate Group 402-598-3965


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