Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Something Broken? Call ServiceOne!

The joys of homeownership are many, most centered on the new control you have over your space. No one to tell you to turn the music down, no rules against pets or nail holes in the wall. You can paint the walls any color you like, change the carpet, hang out in the back yard and often park your car in a garage within steps of your living space.

Homeownership is bliss … until something breaks down, and then we wish we could just call one person and have them take care of it. Instead, we go searching for a contractor that we can trust to do a good job and not wipe out our savings account in the process.

We’d like to propose another solution. For years we’ve worked closely with ServiceOne, a locally-owned home warranty company who has saved hundreds of our clients time, money and headaches. If you haven’t looked at the advantages and value of a home warranty lately, you’ll want to pay attention.

What Makes ServiceOne Such an Essential Stress-Reliever for Homeowners?
First, contrary to popular belief, ServiceOne is not a franchise. The company is locally owned and has been serving Omaha area residents for more than 20 years. That means when you call for help, you will be talking to someone in Omaha who knows the city, who is experiencing the same weather (and its complications) that you are and who truly understands your needs.

ServiceOne does not outsource its repairs. In fact, it’s the only company in town that employs plumbers, electricians, heating and air technicians and appliance repair professionals all under one roof. Our repair professionals are experienced and reliable, and committed to the high standards ServiceOne demands.

Here are just a few more reasons we love ServiceOne:

- 24 hour emergency service
- Convenient appointments
- All parts and work guaranteed
- Bonded, insured and licensed technicians, who've passed pre-employment drug and background checks
- Money-saving service agreements

What Kinds of Help Does ServiceOne Offer?

While many of ServiceOne’s customers have purchased one of the convenient and cost-effective home warranty plans, ServiceOne also provides the following serviceson-demand, even if you don’t have a home warranty. Here’s only a partial list of all of the ways ServiceOne can make homeowners lives’ easier:

- Heating and cooling
- Repairs for major brands of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, humidifiers, and boilers
- Sales of new equipment
- Preventative maintenance
- Plumbing
- Repairs and/or installation of faucets, water heaters, toilets, garbage disposals, leaks and clogged drains
- Sales and service of new water heaters
- All basic electrical services, repairs of outlets, switches, shorts and traces & installation of service panels
- Appliance repair, including
- Refrigerators & Freezers
- Dishwashers & Garbage disposals
- Washers & Dryers
- Ranges and exhaust fans
- Built-in microwave ovens
- Trash compactors
- Central vacuum systems

Since I Can Call ServiceOne if I Need a Repair, Why should I Consider a Home Warranty? 

ServiceOne actually offers a variety of service agreements, but if you have a new home (less than five years old) we highly recommend the home warranty. For only $99 (plus tax) your home is covered for five years, which means that ServiceOne will repair (or if unfixable, replace) your equipment for just the cost of a service call. Even if your home is older than five years, you can still purchase a home warranty that can dramatically reduce your out-of-pocket expense in the event of a major repair or replacement.

How Can ServiceOne Help Me if I’m in the Process of Buying or Selling My Home? 

The greatest advantage for home buyers and sellers is the peace of mind you get with ServiceOne.
If you’re selling your home, ServiceOne can cover your home during the listing period, including the appliances that you’re taking with you when you move. Then, your warranty can be easily transferred to the buyer, which is a great selling point.

Whether you’re buying or selling, ServiceOne can provide: 
- A mechanical evaluation to ensure there are no surprises for either party
- Greatly reduced liability during and after the sale

Check out how much you’ll save by having a ServiceOne policy.

The Bottom Line

With ServiceOne, you won’t be making numerous calls because one call can solve virtually any repair problem you may encounter, including other services not mentioned here. For more information about ServiceOne’s products, services and warranty plans, give us a call or call Brenda Stuart at ServiceOne at 402.306.6319. You can also visit to learn more.


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